My main objective is always to make my dogs proud of me.

I established Big Lover Bakery way back in August of 2019 when I moved to a little town called Los Angeles, California, USA, North America, Earth. My cookie recipe goes back a bit further, evolving over the course of several years in New York City with many taste-tests by selfless coworkers, friends, and family⁠. My goal  throughout that process was to make the most delicious and addicting cookie possible because I love making people happy through food, and what's more joy-inducing than a chocolate chip cookie? I hope that I have achieved this goal, but I'll leave that up to you to decide. I don't want to let my dogs down.

For what it's worth, Big Lover Bakery uses all organic ingredients whenever possible. Side-by-side tests have proven that this yields a richer, chewier, and overall better cookie. Our allergy-having friends should rejoice that our classic cookie, "The Big Lover," is nut-free.

Why are you still reading this? Get your hands on some cookies. I hope you enjoy!